How Freelancers Can Help Soften The Covid19 Impact

How Freelancers Can Help Soften The Covid19 Impact

The global freelance economy has been steadily growing for the past 10 years. Skilled individuals offering their services as freelancers have helped entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even large enterprise-level organizations save money on specialized services during this time of crisis. The International Labor Organization estimates that 9% of the American population has been left unemployed as a result of Covid-19. That equates to 25 million people and 3.4 USD Trillion dollars of income lost.


Rather than staffing a full-time employee, it just makes more sense for companies to hire a freelancer. During this Covid-19 pandemic, freelancers have proven themselves as an invaluable resource for keeping the global economy moving. As we’ve already seen, Covid-19 has caused companies everywhere to search for a cost-effective foundation to stand on during this time of crisis. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) estimates that globally, the freelancer population is approximately 3% of the worldwide population or 84 million individuals. That would suggest that for every 1 unemployed American, there are 3 freelancers around the world already working for home. Those numbers give us hope in the great fight against Covid-19 and its global impact.


Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses, Company’s & Employees


As Covid-19 makes its way around the world, it is majorly impacting nations by forcing governments to enact a shelter in place order. This means employees deemed non-essential must stay at home. With no employees to run the business and no customers to purchase goods & services, local businesses and company’s find themselves having to close their doors.


According to BBC (British Broadcasting Channel), 51% of the world’s businesses and civilians are on some form of lockdown. This unprecedented global quarantine order has impacted economies everywhere and brought layoffs and business closures up to unfathomable numbers. Even our financial markets have suffered a widespread drop in value, around the world.


What Exactly Are Freelancers and How Can They Help In This Period of Covid-19


You may already know that freelancers are self-employed individuals that share their services to multiple employers for a set fee on a contract or project basis. But how has this helped in this period of crisis? To begin with, according to CNN Business, big tech companies have been the first to switch the majority of their day to day activities to a work from home based model. But where did the protocol & work from home infrastructure come from?


Freelancers & consultants have been leading the way & showing other employers how a large-scale shift to working from home can work. A freelancer by trade is self-employed and can work from wherever they please. Therefore, they need access to tools & systems that make that possible. By sharing these tools with large businesses, freelancers have helped slow down the rapid decline of the world’s economies.


Why Is It Better To Use a Freelance Platform?


When searching for a freelancer to do business with, it always helps to use a freelance platform. Having access to an infrastructure filled with freelancers means you get to work with a seller while protecting your funds from unscrupulous behaviors. Freelancing platforms give you the luxury of peace of mind that your work is guaranteed to be of the quality that you desire.


Explore How Can Help You Reduce The Impact of Covid-19 On Your Business


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June 5, 2020